A Florida bride is spending her honeymoon behind bars after she and a caterer were hit with felony charges for adding marijuana to the food served at the reception, and not letting the guests in on the plan.

According to police, "numerous guests" were treated “for symptoms consistent with that of someone who had used illegal drugs" at a wedding reception.

The arrest affidavit report states that the victims at the reception became ill after consuming pasta, salad, and an olive oil and herb dip. Multiple guests tested positive for THC in their system later when they had to be treated at a hospital later.

Seminole County Sheriff's Office
Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Bride, Danya Svoboda, 42

One guest told cops he felt "ill and high," while another told the best man that he “felt like he had been drugged." The report states that the best man “was incoherent and could not answer a question.”

Nancy Postma, 69, the aunt of the groom, told police she had “no control over her mind and body” and that “her mind was playing strange things in her head.” Postma said she was “paranoid” and became “loud and unruly” after testing positive for THC in the emergency department of the hospital.

A friend of Svoboda, Miranda Cady, said she asked the caterer if there was marijuana in the food. In response, Bryant reportedly “giggled and shook her head yes."

Cady confronted Svoboda on the dance floor, where she admitted that marijuana had been added to the olive oil. Gives a whole new meaning to "Olive oil and herb dip."

Cady became so under the influence from the THC that she was "stoned" and "terrified" that her heart would stop beating. Fearful that she would die, she sent a text to herself “so that someone would know what happened to her.”

Another guest texted Svoboda while in the hospital, asking “What is happening, what was I given?” Svoboda replied, “Uggg, we have no idea, let us know if you need help with anything.”

Seminole County Sheriff's Office
Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Caterer, Joycelyn Bryant, 31

In a follow-up phone conversation, the guest talked with Svoboda said she was “facing felony charges and was really sorry, but she had retained an attorney and couldn’t talk about what happened.”

When asking the groom if he knew about the THC, the affidavit states that he stared at the deputy“with a blank expression” before “stuttering through a ‘no.’”

The newlywed Danya Svoboda, 42, and caterer Joycelyn Bryant, 31, have been charged with negligence, tampering, and drug charges.

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