I always knew drinking beer made me feel better, but I had no idea that it was actually doing me some good!

  1. Beer is brain food. There's a compound in hops called xanthohumol that helps fight brain damage. It also prevents and slows brain degenerating diseases.
  2. Beer makes you happy and friendly. Beer drinkers are able to recognize happy faces faster than non-beer drinkers. They also want to be in happy social situations with others.
  3. Beer is rehydrating. If you're in good health, a moderate amount of beer will hydrate you as effectively as water.
  4. Beer provides iron. Dark beer especially has more iron than light beer. This mineral helps your blood carry oxygen throughout your body.
  5. Beer aids in digestion. Bitter acids in beer help trigger the release of gastric acid, which is important for food digestion.

The only real problem with this list is that in order to get the benefits, you need to drink lightly. Guess I'm out.

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