Technology is ever advancing and it's no surprise that lots of things we use day-to-day will eventually go the way of the dodo.

This list compiled by Do You Remember? claims that these items will disappear from our lives by the year 2030. Here's what we'll be missing in the next decade:

  • Checks. Online payments and credit cards are already replacing the archaic practice of writing out checks.
  • Digital cameras. Typically the camera that's built-in to your smartphone is better quality and handier to use.
  • Remote controls. It's not super common right now, but voice-controls will make remote controls unnecessary.
  • Cords. Bluetooth, WiFi, and charging pads are to thank for getting rid of cords. That means you spend less time untangling those stupid cables.
  • Cable TV. The movement to "cut the cord" has been growing in the past few years. Streaming services and on-demand programing will force cable companies out.