Work's a lot easier when you like the people you work with, and know you can trust them. But here are five signs you shouldn't trust a coworker:

  1. They gossip a lot. Most people do it a little. But if someone is constantly gossiping about other people, then chances are they're also talking about you behind your back.
  2. They're overly dramatic. Like someone who always plays the victim, or does anything that makes the office toxic. Barbara Corcoran from "Shark Tank" actually fires people who complain too much, because they'll, "never succeed."
  3. They suck up to your boss. It could mean they're too focused on getting ahead, so they're unpredictable. They might not do anything to hurt you at work. But they probably won't do anything to help you either, unless it helps them.
  4. They shift blame, or try to take credit for everything. It's a sign they're dishonest, but it can also be your boss's fault for creating an environment at work that's too competitive.
  5. They disrespect you. And you might not even realize it. A few common signs are ignoring your ideas or emails, stealing your ideas, not making eye contact, and not including you in important conversations.

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