If you thought you'd have to travel to Wisconsin to get real cheese curds, think again.

These five Eastern Iowa dairies and creameries will impress the most snobbish Cheesehead.

WW Homestead Dairy, Waukon

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Like many Iowa creameries, WW Homestead in Waukon doesn't limit itself to just cheese curds. They produce ice cream cakes, and other dairy treats including gift boxes for you to share some of the best authentic Iowa cheese with your out-of-state friends.

Kalona Creamery, Kalona 

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It's such a short drive to Kalona, and a small price to pay for traditional cheese curds so good you could swear you were in Wisconsin. With flavors like bacon ranch, and salsa infused curds, the Kalona Creamery's creative flair is just one of many reasons their customers love them.

Milton Creamery, Milton

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The Milton Creamery was started in 2006 as a partnership with local Amish dairy farmers and the Musser family. All the milk used is from local dairy cows that aren't fed artificial growth hormones. It's a strong bond that creates quality products using today's technology with the values of generations past.

Brix Cheese Shop, Iowa City

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Nestled in a cozy Iowa City neighborhood, the Brix Cheese Shop and Wine Bar is a delightfully charming place to impress a first date or to simply reacquaint yourself with some of the finer things in life. Their wide variety of tasty menu items include cheese boards, brunch and sandwiches. The retail shop stocks plenty of take home goodies.

Dan and Debbie's Creamery, Ely

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Oh, how we love Dan and Debbie's cheese curds! These fresh, non-GMO morsels are every bit as good as anything you'd find in Wisconsin. Customer favorites include the basic white cheddar and tomato basil. Along with fresh cream top milk and a variety of ice creams, this little creamery in Ely has earned bragging rights in all four corners of the state.