As a kid, we all either had or knew someone who had the iconic Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone toy. You know the one, it had a face and for some reason, wheels?


Fisher-Price has partnered with Best Buy to bring us a childhood throwback that we can actually use for making calls.

Fisher Price
Fisher Price

The car-phone-living being is true to its original self too, with a couple surprises, according to CNET. The idea of course,

  • When you connect your phone, the Chatter says "Hi there, good to go!"
  • Every number you spin into the number wheel, proving you're a dialing master.
  • Speaker phone button
  • Rings for incoming calls, and answers just by picking up the phone. Outgoing calls start by picking up the phone and dialing.
  • A lock switch for his rubber wheels
  • Nine hours of talk time per charge

The Chatter Telephone is available for pre-order from Best Buy. He'll cost you $60, but you can't put a price on childhood nostalgia.

Oh, and to make your heart melt, he tells you "Love you, bye."

Read more at CNET

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