You've no doubt heard the term "I'll spit on your grave".  It comes from a deep resentment for the person and probably a great deal of pain.  It also probably never actually happens.  Everyone's a big talker.

What happens when a person passes away that has brought the opposite of joy and love?  There's probably an actual chance that a grave gets spit on.  But then again what if they get cremated?  There'd be no grave to spit on!  Devastating, right?

In a YouTube video recently unearthed (so to speak) Marsha Widener says her "Final goodbye to the NASTY BASTARD" by throwing her husbands remains in the trash.

Marsha opens the box holding his ashes and says, "His family...wants him to go in the gutter or the toilet."

She then proceeds to dump the ashes into the trash can and says since he was a garbage man in life and an abuser...she says it's quite fitting that he goes to the landfill where he belongs.

I'd like to think my ashes would be spread out over a rolling meadow or along a scenic drive.  My dad used to talk about the time he and my mom went to a park to spread the ashes of a cousin.  Right when they through the ashes in the air to spread them among the trees and landscaping...a big wind came up and blew the ashes into my moms face.  I won't repeat the jokes my father told me about which body part it probably was.

"Adios amigo!"-Marsha Widener

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