Looking at the amount of jack-o'-lanterns around this house is intimidating. I get frustrated halfway through carving just one.

The Kenova House in West Virginia, AKA the Pumpkin House, receives thousands of gourds from local farms each year. Volunteers show up in early October and get right to work.

More than 3,000 pumpkins are gutted and then carved into festive jack-o'-lanterns. Each gourd is set out to represent the population of the town.

"The volunteers are my favorite part partly because they bail me out each year and helped me do this but also because of their reaction," Pumpkin House owner Ric Griffith told KFSN. "They are proud that we have this in our area. And I never thought of it in those terms that when we first began but they actually invite people that they know from other areas to come in."

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