Many households have looked forward to their tradition of allowing creepy elves into their home to watch their kids and report their behavior back to Santa, just try to remember where you left them last. Parents get overly creative with the Elf on The Shelf toys, putting them into all sorts of situations that usually turn out pretty funny.

Chelsea Hightower says her kids' elves were held hostage in the refrigerator for a whole day by the "bad milk." They needed a day to warm up in the sauna, so she set them up inside the oven.

Chelsea Hightower via Facebook
Chelsea Hightower via Facebook

Chelsea's husband forgot that the elves were in the oven, and preheated it to make some food for the kids while she was out.

"He feels horrible, but thankfully the Elfspital got them in quickly, and they are expected to make a full recovery after several hours of reconstruction and rest," Chelsea Hightower said.

"It wasn’t long before our oldest, Braelon, concerning yell from the kitchen," she recalled. "Daddy! Who turned on the oven?!”

Thankfully, the two youngest were in their playroom, so they weren't witness to the melting faces of their little friends.

"I then received a call from Matt, oblivious from what has just taken place and enjoying every bit of my solo outing to hear on the other end," she said.

“Babe, I feel horrible, I cooked the elves," Hightower's husband told her.

After searching nearly an hour, Chelsea found some new elves.

"Thankfully Jingle, Belle, and Magic have made a miraculous recovery and back to their silly ways," she said.

Chelsea Hightower via Facebook
Chelsea Hightower via Facebook

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