The demolition derby might just be the single greatest creation in history.  It’s so much fun that fans of all ages will flock to it year after year. If you’ve never seen one in person, we've got a great opportunity for you to go see one live in person this weekend.

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What is a Demo Derby?

Oh, not from around here?  That's ok. A demolition derby is a type of auto race that involves one or more drivers competing to be last to destroy their vehicle by intentionally ramming other cars in an arena. In these races, there are no rules and it is even encouraged for all participants to go at it like it’s a game of bumper cars. The winner of each event is determined by which car was able to withstand damage from all other vehicles over time.  Last man standing style.


This Sunday, August 22, 2021 The Fall Brawl Demo Derby happens at 2PM at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport.
Don't forget to bring your kid and their power wheel for their own demolition derby when the show starts. (Ages 3-10) They get their own Trophy and cookies too!


General Admission to Grandstand $15 for Adults 6-12 $10 and 5 & Under Free.
Grandstand opens at 1pm.
Pits open at 11am - Pit passes $30
Driver/Rider Fee $50 (pit pass included)
Riders allowed in all classes

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