Well congrats to these two, they both just scored a "What was your worst first date?" story that no one's going to be able to beat.

Liam Smith from Bristol, England started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe yesterday to raise about $250 for a new window. And here's why:

Last month, he went on a first date with a girl from Tinder. It went well and they went back to his place to have wine and watch a documentary on Scientology. Sexy.

Anyway, she used the bathroom, and came out panicked. She told him she'd pooped and it wouldn't flush, so she tried to throw the log out the window.

But these were weird double-paned windows with lots of space in between the panes, and it got stuck in there. Liam and his date started working together to get it out. When she tried to crawl in to grab it, she got stuck upside-down.


The fire department had to come and rescue her. They broke the window in the process, and Liam says since he's a broke grad student, he couldn't afford to fix it. So he started the GoFundMe.

Believe it or not, he says he and the girl are talking about going on a second date.

Read more at GoFundMe.

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