This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of "Home Alone". Here's a list of some things you may not have known about the 1990 holiday classic.

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  • Daniel Stern screaming after a tarantula crawls over his face is a scene that no one who has watched the film will forget. However, not many know that Stern did not scream while filming the scene and mimed it instead, so as not to scare the spider. His shriek was dubbed later.
  • The promotional poster of "Home Alone" depicting Macaulay Culkin screaming with his palms on cheeks was actually inspired by the painting by Edvard Munch called "The Scream."
  • Fans tried hard to track down the video of "Angels With Filthy Souls" — the film watched by Kevin in "Home Alone" that had the words, "Keep the change ya filthy animal" — only to realize that the footage was shot specifically for "Home Alone." It was inspired from the popular 1938 James Cagney film, "Angels with Dirty Faces".
  • During his time alone at the house, Kevin stumbled upon an edition of Playboy in Buzz's room. The issue in question was the July 1989 edition, which featured "Baywatch" star Erika Eleniak as Miss July.
  • The famous line from the film, "You guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?", was not a part of the original script and was an improvisation by Macaulay Culkin.
  • The glass Christmas decorations that Marv stepped on while entering the house were actually made of candy.
  • Joe Pesci avoided Culkin on the sets on purpose in order to create a sense of fear, which would ultimately result in a more authentic performance.
  • During the shooting of the film, Joe Pesci blurted out the F-word on a number of occasions, not realizing that he was not on the sets of "Goodfellas." Director Chris Columbus advised him to use the word "fridge" instead as a G-rated substitute.
  • "Home Alone" was a smashing success around the globe, but no other country has shown its love for the film like Poland, where it is a Christmas tradition to screen the film every year.
  • The maps used by Kevin's character to set up traps were drawn by Macaulay Culkin himself.

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