Foundation Leaks

•Improper drainage of roof water
•Improper grade around foundation
•Faulty windows or window wells
•Ground water
•Cracks in poured foundations
•Concrete slabs that slope toward the foundation, etc.

•Check all downspout extensions, we install underground downspout extensions
•Check the grade around the foundation, it should slope away for about 10’
•Check all windows and window wells, we install both
•If you are getting ground water coming through the joint where the floor meets the wall, you may need a basement waterproofing system. We offer several methods of basement waterproofing.
•If you are getting water through a crack in your poured foundation we offer several methods of sealing these cracks.
•Concrete slabs (driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc.) sloping toward your foundation can dump a lot of rainwater down your foundation wall. We can raise these slabs to their original position and for the proper slope.

Whatever your foundation leak problem may be, call us. We will come up with a solution for your specific problem.


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