ORIGINAL (JAN 20, 2023): We learned about a hero that needed recognition this week after saving a helpless animal from what would be certain death.

The hero, Neil Mullis, came across a raccoon who was caught up on some railroad tracks, by the hair on his downstairs.

neilmullis13 via TikTok
neilmullis13 via TikTok

"Me and the guy I work with, we came up and we seen him, and he wasn't falling off of the rail, he was just sitting on it," Neil said. "We're down in South Georgia, and it's real swampy, I don't know what he did to get there, but the moisture must've frozen. I don't know why he was sitting, but he was there long enough to get frozen to the track."

Listen to our interview with Nick Mullis, the hero of the week, right here:

To free the animal, it was up to Neil and his coworker to save the guys.

"I had a bottle of water on the floor of the truck, and it was room temperature. I poked a hole in it with my knife so it would spray. I started spraying it up under his butt, and my coworker grabbed a shovel to pry him off."

You can see the rescue for yourself in Neil's viral TikTok video.

Nick Mullis is from Cochrane, Georgia.

In the video, you can hear Mullis telling the camera what's going on, "Poor bastard's nuts are frozen to the rail."

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It was almost zero degrees outside, so it's no wonder that in a swampy area, there would be a little frost on the rail.

This now date-ready raccoon was rescued successfully and that was all.

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