The FAA is investigating what happened after an evacuation slide was found in a front yard in Milton, MA.

On approach to the Boston Logan International Airport, the pilot of Flight 405 from Paris reported a loud noise. Upon landing around noon, workers discovered the right rear emergency slide was missing.

Milton Police responded to a call at 12:11pm after the emergency slide hit the ground. The homeowner was standing outside talking with his neighbor when he heard a loud noise and turned to find the slide had broken branches on his tree.

Listen to our conversation with the neighbor, Stephanie Leguia below.


A woman driving nearby said she saw it falling and thought it was a trash bag, but it was falling too fast.

Delta released a statement, saying "Delta is investigating an inflatable over-wing slide that was retrieved following an aircraft’s landing into Boston’s Logan Airport. The flight landed without incident and taxied to the gate under its own power.”

This isn't the first time this has happened, in 2016 a slide from a Boeing 737-300 fell and hit a house. The FAA actually wrote a proposal to fix the emergency slides on over 300 of the same model of plane in 2015, and airlines were given 4 years to make changes to the planes. Being it's only 3 weeks from the end of the year, I'm thinking Delta wasn't planning on making the fix.

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