A debate has sparked on TikTok as to whether this woman was fired for a good reason or not. TikTok user MichaeJay22 posted a series of videos on her account explaining why she got fired from her "work from home" job. Although she owns up to what she did, a lot of commenters do not think she did anything wrong.

Here is video number 1.

"These people done locked my computer. They locked my computer because I was in the kitchen cooking. This is why they don't want us working from home..." MichaeJay says in the video.

MichaeJay works from home on her laptop. The rules for her job are that she cannot leave her desk and she has to keep her camera on at all times. Employees are on constant watch to ensure they don't get up from their desk.

MichaeJay did in fact get up from her desk and went into her kitchen to make a snack. A photo was taken of her while in the kitchen and she was consequently locked out of her computer. Later on, she was told by management that she was fired, not fired, suspended, then fired again.

Some viewers could not understand why this was so bad. One commenter said, "How is this any different than going to the snack machine at the office?"

MichaeJay answered some questions within the comment section. She explained the purpose of the webcam is to take pictures of employees throughout the day. In the TikTok video, she says, "If you're not at your desk it locks your computer. If there is somebody in the background it locks your computer. If you have a mobile device it locks your computer." Covering the camera is not allowed, she continues, "Unfortunately I got up from my desk and I forgot to lock my screen and it took a picture of me."

She also accused the company of being misleading about their pay, reducing the workers’ pay rate if they worked fewer hours per week and then trying to lie and say their employees had worked fewer hours than they did, which is wage theft.

She further confirmed that the company has a high turnover rate.

Although we do not hear both sides of the story, the question is still up for debate. Was the firing justified, or was it ridiculous? You decide.

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