Yet another TikTok debate has sparked and it has people enraged.

A Dunkin Donuts worker posted a video claiming he pocketed a customer’s “pay it forward” money as a tip.

TikTok user Sahmir shared a video of himself at work smiling behind the Dunkin' counter with a caption that read, "me after a customer tried to pay for the person behind them in the drive through but I took the money as a tip."

Video Here:

The video has 783K views so far and a thousand comments, half applauding him and the other half angered by his actions.

The commenters who were upset by the money pocketing said this:

"My grandma found out they were doing this and got the whole place fired."

"I sent this to corporate."

"Lol, guess this made you famous. Now we are all waiting to see if you keep your job."

"Another reason to never go to Dunkin’ Donuts."

"Karma. That is all. Lol but honestly my husband has had people pay for his coffee bc he was in uniform and that was their way of saying "ty for his service."

TikTok @ssahmirr
TikTok @ssahmirr

People who agree with Sahmir's idea to keep the money said:

"Ayeee that’s smart I’m doing that."

"I don't even blame you."

"But I'll say be careful. Sometimes they are together and they are paying for their friend/family behind them. never know."

"They tipped you for the guy behind em'."

What do you think? Was it a smart move or just plain selfish?

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