A man in Clearwater, Florida could be without a place to live after his condo's property managers discovered his furry companion, a squirrel named Brutis.

40-year-old Ryan Boylan says, "I can’t imagine not being around her." He rescued the squirrel last September after Hurricane Matthew hit the state.

Boylan has suffered from post-traumatic stress since a car accident in 2004 and claims that Brutis provides him with the emotional support he needs.

The board at Island Walk Condominiums says that exotic animals are not allowed and notified Boylan that he is violating his lease. An attorney for the board says the resident never sought the approval of the board.

"Due to his emotional disability, Ryan Boylan has certain limitations coping with what would otherwise be considered normal but significant day to day situations. To help alleviate these challenges and to enhance his day to day functionality, I have prescribed Ryan to obtain emotional support animal(s)," Dr. Scott Murphy wrote in a letter. "The presence of the animal(s) is necessary for the emotional/mental health of Ryan Boylan because its presence will mitigate the symptoms he is currently experiencing."

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