Eli Manning just tried out for Penn State as a walk on - but not as himself.

The two-time Super Bowl champion went undercover as walk-on tryout "Chad Powers" as part of his show on ESPN, "Eli Places" and it featured enough hilarious moments.

His disguise consisted of a surfer-hair wig, fake mustache, and a fake nose.

ESPN via YouTube
ESPN via YouTube

“It looks like he’s stuck in the ‘80s, poor guy,” one Penn State coach said once he walked through the door.

Chad (Eli) told the coaches he never played football because he was homeschooled, saying his mom was a great coach but not the best teacher.

“Not just good-looking, I can throw it, baby,” he said while warming up.

When it came time for him to run the 40-yard dash, he wanted to beat his 2004 NFL Combine best of a 4.90, but ended up finishing at a 5.49.

“Chad’s gonna run. Chad run fast. Fast Chad,” Powers said prior to his 40. “This flow might slow me down, too. It’s good, though.”

Before he left, Powers took a shot at Tom Brady.

"Brady can play ‘til he’s 44, Chad can play ‘til he’s 26, you know?” he said.

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