"No call is too big or too small for your Eldridge Police Department!" Said the Eldridge PD Facebook page.

Thursday, May 5th, a few young kids walked into the police department asking for help. They had gotten their kickball stuck very high up in a tree and could not get it down.

The officers were happy to help, but upon the investigation of the ball in the tree "not even Spiderman could climb that high."

Officer Behrens and Jahns decided to go to the store and buy the kids a new ball, "much cheaper than a hospital bill."

In the end, the children were happy and the officers handled the situation well. Parents allowed the officers to post this picture of the happy kids on the Eldridge PD Facebook page.

Comments under the post were all happy and positive.

Iowans For Mike VondranTo serve and protect the youngest citizens, way to go EPD.!

Emily Sindt MattoonLove that our police department takes time to connect with the community!

Andrea AhmannIt made my kids' day…you guys are awesome and much appreciated!

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Scrolling through the EPD Facebook page, more good deeds and positive posts were found.

Officer Jahns was making a traffic stop due to tinted windows when he noticed two young girls in the backseat with their seatbelts securely fastened.

"I was so impressed with these two for making a safe choice, I just had to write them a safe choice citation. Now, they have to report to Happy Joe's Pizza - Eldridge to get a FREE ice cream!" Said Officer Jahn.

"These are the kind of traffic stops that I could make all day long! I love it here! Thanks also to their mom for capturing this awesome moment." He continued.

Under the post, Judy Mumm commented: Your pic & citation is a breath of fresh air for us all & Eldridge! Thanks for sharing something that's positive & full of love.

For more exciting Eldridge PD announcements, follow their Facebook page.

Visit the Eldridge PD Website here: City Of Eldridge

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