In Clarksville Tennessee, two-woman approached a 78-year-old woman in a church asking for prayers. As one woman held the elderly woman's hands, the other sat in the pew behind, reached over the ledge, and took the old woman's wallet out of her purse.

As the elderly woman was being distracted, one of the thieves took all the credit cards, gift cards, and cash inside the wallet.

The church had a surveillance camera inside, and the whole incident was captured on camera, exposing exactly what happened.

Clarksville police said the theft of property happened on Feb. 9 around 6 p.m. inside the sanctuary at Hilldale Baptist Church.

Investigators said the thieves then tried to use the credit cards at Sam’s Club shortly after. Surveillance video from Sams Club caught the thieves leaving the store.

The group of 4 women arrived at the church almost 1 hour before service started. Senior Pastor Larry Robertson told FOX Television Stations he thought that was a little odd. The women told him that they were visiting from another church. There was a pre-service prayer meeting going on at the time they arrived, so Paster Robertson pointed them to the sanctuary.

That is when the thieves came in contact with the elderly victim.

Robertson told FOX Television Stations, "The taller girl with red dreadlocks (she called herself Jade) voiced the prayer while the other girl (who called herself Kesha) took the lady’s wallet from her purse and removed cash and credit/gift cards. When ‘Kesha’ had finished, ‘Jade’ finished the prayer. They excused themselves and exited the building."

When the elderly woman noticed her cards were missing she notified Paster Robertson. He was sickened and angry, as she said she had felt "violated."

Police reported a total of four women traveling together inside the church, even though only two were shown on the church surveillance video.

Clarksville police posted about the incident on their Facebook page. There is an ongoing search for the group of women. Clarksville police ask anyone with information on the robbers to call Crime Stoppers at 931-645-8477 or Detective Bradley at 931-648-0656, ext. 5159.

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