Pam & Tommy, Hulu's original series following the scandalous marriage of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee has taken the classic rock nation by storm. For the finale, a piece of the Quad Cities will be featured, in the form of music.

Quad City-based band, Einstein's Sister, consisting of Kerry Tucker and Bill Douglas, will have their song Together We're Alone featured in the show's finale.

Kerry Tucker stopped by to tell us about how their song ended up being featured in the show.

"What happened is we played a gig at RIBCO about 20 years ago, and we opened for a band that was starting a publishing company," Kerry told us. Within a week of signing, their music started showing up on TV.

Since then, the duo has had their music featured across all types of shows and movies.

"VH1, HBO, NBC Shows, Queer Eye, it's all over the place," Kerry said. "We wouldn't know until a year later. We'd get an envelope with a list of songs and what shows they were on."

He explained that Hulu let them know ahead of time because as a streaming service, they aren't waiting for ratings.

Check out Kerry's entire talk with Dwyer & Michaels, where he talked through the entire process of becoming a band that provides music for television. Of course, this was after he showed up and interrupted some very important conversation.

The best part of this is that Kerry has no clue what scene his music will be featured in, so it could be used alongside anything from Tommy Lee eating cereal to a return of the infamous puppet.

You can find Einstein's Sister on Apple Music and Spotify, as well as their YouTube channel.

Follow Einstein's Sister / Douglas and Tucker on Facebook to keep track of where they're playing next.

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