We've been teased with some very spring-like weather in the past few weeks, but it isn't quite here yet. Here's a pretty cool park to keep in mind for when warm weather finally arrives.

Sky Tours Zipline is a hidden-away gem in Dubuque that lets you fly through the forest of Union Park. Their 2017 season will be kicking off in March with a 9-zipline-long course. The lines are between 300 and 1,000 feet, reaching up to 75 feet.

Sky Tours Zipline
Sky Tours Zipline

The course is set up to show off the more scenic points of the 100-acre park. Visitors of all ages are welcome, you can hike through with party of 12 if you desire.

The ziplines progressively get more intense, from the "Bunny Run" up to "The Big One." There's even a double-zipline that lets you race a friend.

The full course takes about two and a half hours to traverse and costs $65 per person, $72 on the weekends. You can stop by Sky Tours at 11764 John F. Kennedy Road, Dubuque, Iowa.

Get more information from Sky Tours Zipline website or Facebook Page.

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