This morning, we played a very confusing sound clip that was some kind of a smack or a slapping sound. You guessed, and there were some great ones, like:

  • Dwyer Slipping on ice
  • Michaels' wife throwing a toilet plunger at him
  • Racquetball to the face
  • "Wiffle bat ball... Wiffle bat for a ball"
  • Michaels getting hit with a meat tray
  • Dwyer taking a hockey puck to the face
  • Drunken idiot with a punching bag game

Well, we have the answer for you.

You see, the last time Hairball visited some friends in Nashville, there were some copious amounts of alcohol consumed on Broadway, including a jar of Ol' Smoky.

To combat the alcohol, he and his friends decided to order a pizza to their downtown Airbnb. By the time the pizza came, one of the friends was passed out.

They called his name over and over again, shook his arm, and poked him, but the alcohol kept him in a deep sleep. So, they tried the next best option.

His friend didn't wake up, so they slapped him again. After it was all said and done, he wasn't awake yet, so they just left it for him to eat when he did wake up.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

It's all just the old saying, "Don't be the first one to fall asleep at the party."

The buddy woke up the next morning and asked if he had any pizza the night before.

He wanted to know, because, he said, "I got pizza all over my shirt, there's pepperoni all over the bed, and an upside-down stuck to the floor."

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