Over the weekend, all of the Dwyer & Michaels Morning Show (except for Michaels, who went snowmobiling instead) went out and saw the new box office buster Cocaine Bear.

Inspired by the true story in which a plane full of cocaine dropped its load over the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia, where a bear stumbled across it. For a few moments, that bear was the most powerful animal on earth, but in the real story, it overdosed and died nearly immediately.

In the movie, the bear goes on a rampage, killing hikers, bear experts, and drug dealers.

In the movie, those comfortable seats that recline back and let you put your feet up combined with a full stomach of popcorn and the setup to the murderous part of the movie was enough to put Goose and Hairball to sleep.

Dwyer tried to take a photo of them but somehow didn't know his phone's flash was on, so the two were immediately woken up by the bright light coming on.

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Townsquare Media

We all enjoyed the film in different ways, but all agreed that it's both a bad movie, but also a fantastic movie at the same time.

Our general consensus is that the movie will for sure be a cult classic.

Check out all of our official reviews below:

Cocaine Bear earned $23M at the box office this weekend, taking second place only to Ant-Man, which took a hit, seeing a 69% drop in ticket sales, according to Variety's report. 

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