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Letter Cup Display At A Store Near Dwyer

Dwyer was at the drugstore before his VFW shift and saw there was something just not right with the Easter cups they had out.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Terry Watanabe

Michaels told the story of the guy who inherited the Oriental Trading Company fortune and used it to gamble. So much so that he at one point accounted for 20% of Caesar's Palace's revenue, and something like 6% of the revenue in Las Vegas on his own.

Read more about him here, or check out this YouTube video.

I-Pass Changing

They're getting rid of the transponders for the I-Passes and now they're switching to RFID stickers.

Michaels Best National Anthem Picks

The news that Reba McEntire is singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this year, and Michaels put together his Top 3 performances.

#3 Whitney Houston - Super Bowl XXV

#2 Meat Loaf - MLB All-Star Game

#1 Jim Cornelison - 10 Year Anniversary Of 9/11

Bonus: Boston Bruins Fans Take Over The Singing

The first home game back after the Boston Marathon Bombing that happened in 2013, the crowd sang their lungs out for the National Anthem, so much so, that singer Rene Rancourt pulled the mic from his face and just conducted.

Hand In Hand Chili Cook-Off

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