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Crossroads Fireworks Quad Cities Facebook

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The Panthers Won The Stanley Cup

The Florida Panthers won the cup after blowing a 3-game sweep on the Edmonton Oilers, finishing it out in 7.

Connor McDavid won the Conn Smythe award - even as part of the losing team. His 42-point playoff performance had him with enough points to be ranked Top 5 of multiple franchises regular season performances.

No Liquor Involved

I'm suuuuuure there wasn't any liquor involved with this decision.

You're In Jail, Smalls

Tom Guiry got arrested over the weekend after throwing a dumbbell through a Jeep windshield and then showing up at his neighbor's door with a knife.

He's been charged with assault and battery along with malicious injury (damage) to personal property, according to the Horry County Sheriff's Office.

While the authorities were speaking to Guiry, the neighbor reportedly confronted him saying, "Really? My window's been shattered."

Guiry allegedly replied: "That sucks man, I'll pay you back, I'm sorry, I'm gonna get you back." Police say he also excitedly uttered, "I did it. I'm sorry man. I'm coming back to get you... I... sorry, brother, I'll pay you back."

Man Died By Asphalt Roller

A guy from Ohio was killed last week when he got too close to an embankment while driving an asphalt roller, and the thing flipped on top of him.

It wasn't what we pictured from the headline - which is the Austin Powers scene.

A Guy Found Bones And They Ended Up At A Goodwill

Choking Racoon Saved By Drunk Guys

A racoon was choking on a piece of cheese, and some quick thinking drunks got in just in time to save the guy by patting his back and knocking the cheese loose.

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