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MLB Jersey Controversy

The new MLB jerseys look like crap - and everyone who's watched baseball this year has taken notice to it, and isn't too happy with the changes.

It appears that while Nike is still designing the uniforms, they're made by Fanatics using some factories of another brand that they bought out.

This seems like a good illustration to what one of the main differences between the new jerseys and the old ones
byu/HangryMushroomDog inmlb

Players are speaking out - but some of them are still good company men, giving their endorsement to the new jerseys.

The Edge Up For #1 Dive Bar Again

Dive Bar Road Trip is on the hunt for the #1 dive bar in the country, which The Edge won last year. Help them out by voting for The Edge Eatery in this photo.

Springsteen Joins A Newer Artist On Stage

New in the grand scheme of things is Americana artist Zach Bryan, who made it big after getting his start on YouTube, and now sells out arenas. He's caught just about everyone's attention with his songs Something in The Orange and Revival, the latter of which apparently has found a fan in none other than Bruce Springsteen.

At the first of two sold-out nights at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Springsteen joined Bryan on stage to sing Bryan's new song Sandpaper, and the two were joined by Indie Pop phenom Maggie Rogers for the song Revival to close out the show.

Peeps Jousting

If you put a Peep in a microwave, it balloons up huge. But, if you stick toothpicks inside two of them, you can make them fight for survival in the microwave.

Also, Ryan said if you eat over 10 of any specific color of Peep, your turd turns the same color - so have fun with that this weekend.

Lamb Cake Fails

Did your family make lamb cakes? They seem to be a difficult one to pull off. Check out some of these fails.

Damon Johnson Gets To Do Something Cool

After Jeff Beck passed away, it was in his will that one of his guitars went to Billy Gibbons if it gets played - and Damon Johnson got to play a couple of tunes on it during a sound check.

Bojangles Sign Mishap

A new Bojangles location in North Carolina was excited to get their new signage installed - except one of the landscaping crew noticed that they misspelled the name as "Bojagnles."

Nickelodeon Documentary

There's a bombshell Nickelodeon documentary out now about the misdeeds that took place during the filming of many of the most popular kids shows of the 2000s.

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