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Mike Tyson Is Gonna Kill Jake Paul

The training videos are coming out of Mike Tyson training for the fight with Jake Paul, and not only does Tyson look like he's hurting his trainer through the protective gear, he looks like an absolute animal.

And Jake Paul posted this video trolling Mike Tyson, showing what looks like he got a copycat of Tyson's face tattoo.

The Quad City Steamwheelers Are In Studio

Coach Corey Ross and Offensive Lineman Joe Krall from the Steamwheelers came in the studio to talk the opening game of the indoor football season.

Joe Krall is known for celebrating wins with the fans, giving himself a beer shower.

Coach Ross has some unique shoes (that Hairball is envious of) that are Croc material, but you can run in them.

He and Hairball started swapping Croc material shoe tips.


Hairball has regular Crocs, but also a pair of Vans that are Croc material.

Check out the full interview here:

Bettendorf Naming Their Recycle Trucks

Bettendorf is doing a naming contest for their new recycling truck, and it's a great chance to honor Reid, who passed away from Medulloblastoma. His favorite things in the world were the Iowa Hawkeyes, and garbage/recycling truck.

You can cast your vote for the truck to be named Reid's Recycling Truck by clicking the button below, and also be sure to check out the foundation set up in his honor, Rally for Reid. 

The Comancheros New Single

Our friends, The Comancheros, released a new single right as they boarded the plane for their Europe trip.

The single is a phenomenal cover of Locomotive Breath that'll blow your face off.

Celina 52's Page Is Hilarious

There's a satirical truck stop page called Celina 52 on Facebook that's been using some AI-Generated photos to help out with the humor side of their page, and you've got to check them out.

Also, be sure to check out the comment sections of all the people thinking the photos are legitimate.

Dwyer's Dumb Game

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