I can see you as you're reading this.  You look like you're coming down with something...probably going to need a sick day.  Probably on Friday, June 16th.  Dwyer & Michaels' Ditch Day Returns.

Two lucky busloads of listeners will take a much-needed "personal" day and head up to Wrigley Field, or Six Flags for a one-day vacation.

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It could be you joining Bill Michaels as he returns to the greatest theme park in the Midwest, Six Flags.  Or maybe joining Dwyer and his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.


We'll be giving out boarding passes starting Monday, May 22nd, and you can win yours when you hear the crack of the bat, and the screaming roller coaster each morning on the Dwyer and Michaels Morning Show.

Six Flags Policy To Target Sex Offenders
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This year, thanks to Ted's Boatarama in Rock Island, you can also register to win passage aboard the Ditch Day Busses while you're buying your new Tracker boat! Ted's is the originator of the everyday vacation--which is any day you take your boat out on the water!

Be listening for your chance to join the dorks on Ditch Day 2023!

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