A YouTuber in the U.K. tried to get a hotel in Dublin to give her a free room. Now the hotel says all social media influencers are banned from staying there.

Maybe you've heard of Elle Darby, she has 87,000 YouTube subscribers and 76,000 Instagram followers. She had reached out to The White Moose Café about a “possible collaboration.”

She told the owner of the hotel that she works as a "social media influencer" focused on lifestyle and travel. The email continued to explain that she and her partner were planning to travel to Dublin for an early Valentine's Day weekend.

Darby offered to feature the hotel in her YouTube videos and Instagram post in return for free board. She mentioned that a similar collaboration was organized with Universal Orlando.

The White Moose Cafe responded to the email publicly on their Facebook Page:

Responses towards Darby were less than kind, as one can imagine. Once the backlash started to hit, she went to YouTube and posted a video about the controversy:

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