It's great to have a friend like this.

38-year-old Frederick Turner was driving drunk in his Ford Ranger pickup through Coweta County, Georgia last week when he rolled his truck.

Police found Frederick's truck on it's top with a still-warm engine. Beer cans had spilled out and were still cold.

Fearing the guy was injured or disoriented, the first responders used thermal imaging cameras to find him in the woods, but he was already gone. Deputies found him down the road aways.

You see, his friend, 22-year-old Jesse Walker, came to rescue him. They left the car behind, and headed on down the road. Not too far away, she crashed her truck into a ditch.

Apparently a lot of drivers have problems navigating that road in a sober state of mind, being it's so winding and narrow with low visibility.

When police found the duo, they were sitting in Jesse's truck with a cooler of Michelob Ultra that were able to be salvaged from Frederick's truck.

Frederick was arrested for assault on a law officer and DUI. Jesse was also charged with DUI.

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