A man in Simi Valley has been arrested after discharging his weapon negligently after an early morning shooting that police responded quickly to.

According to a press release from the Simi Valley Police Department, officers responded to a "suspicious incident" regarding a subject that rang a resident's doorbell and then hid in nearby bushes just before 6:30am Sunday morning.


The first responding officer arrived on the scene and found a man identified as 63-year-old Gary Laskowski of Simi Valley, crawling out of his bushes with a firearm in his hand. He was immediately detained without incident.

“The investigation revealed that the subject was under the influence of alcohol and thought intruders were in his residence,” SVPD said. “Officers located evidence of multiple rounds fired within the subject’s residence and garage from his own firearm.”

Additionally, after a short investigation, officers discovered a bullet hole in the driver's door of a neighbor's car, and a bullet hole in the side of that same neighbor's garage.

“Officers determined there were no intruders in the residence and the subject negligently fired multiple rounds from his own weapon,” authorities said.

Laskowski was booked into the Ventura County Main Jail for gross negligence discharge of a firearm.

9mm pistol bullets and handgun on black table.
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Remember kids, don't drink and shoot your gun in your garage.

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