Sometimes the only option left is to have a beer.

Just before midnight on February 8th, deputies from the Lee County Sheriff's Office were driving on Chiquita Boulevard in Cape Coral.

On the opposite side of the road, a black Mercedez-Benz was parked in the opposite lane.

The vehicle was just sitting there, with the lights on. There wasn't traffic anywhere nearby, so the deputies knew something was up. They crept up behind the car, turned on their police lights, and tried to decide if the vehicle was abandoned or not.

As the officers approached the vehicle, they found 40-year-old Michael Sereda sitting alone in the passenger seat.

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Beer cans littered the floor of the car and some sat in the cupholders in the front seat. A 24-pack of Michelob Ultra and a 24-pack of Bud Light, both opened and drank through were nearly gone, with all the evidence needed at Michael Sereda's feet.

Deputies attempted to communicate with Sereda, but he was "unable to speak" due to his level of intoxication. Now in need of support, Cape Coral Police's assistance was requested, and the deputy waited for backup.

It was right about then that the deputy heard an unmistakable sound...


In plain view of the deputies, Sereda reached into the pile of empty cans and pulled out an unopened can of beer, popped it open, and took a sip.

Deputies decided he'd obviously had enough, so they reached in to take his beer. Sereda didn't take kindly to that, and began fighting back to keep the beer until the deputies were able to remove him from the Mercedes.

Lee County Sheriff's Office
Lee County Sheriff's Office

Sereda was reportedly so drunk that while in handcuffs and continuing to fight back, the deputies deployed a taser, which had "zero effect" on him. Deputies had to physically restrain Sereda until their backup arrived.

Michael Sereda is facing charges of DUI and resisting an officer.

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