Some idiot in Greenville, South Carolina caused what might be the most ironic car crash of the year this weekend.

21-year-old Jaderric Freeman was driving drunk on Saturday when he didn't hit the brakes in time, and crashed into an auto shop called "Brakes 4 Less."

Jaderric Freeman / Greenville Police Department
Jaderric Freeman / Greenville Police Department

He hit another car first, then lost control and crashed through the front of the building. It's not clear if he EVER hit the brakes. Because he didn't stop until he hit several other cars parked inside the garage area.

He finally came to a stop in the section of the store where they do repairs. Which he probably NEEDS now.

It was the middle of the night. So luckily no one was there. And the driver in the other car he hit only suffered minor injuries.

Police arrested Jaderric for drunk driving. And they might tack on a few more charges too.

Read more at The State.

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