A DoorDash driver helped stop a criminal who punched a 1-year-old baby boy in the face in a completely random incident.

The incident happened just after 11:30am on Sunday, June 4th, at the intersection of West Summit Avenue and South Tryon Street in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to authorities, the mother and her son were crossing the street, the mother pushing the baby in a stroller. 26-year-old Rico Williams was walking towards them, reportedly mumbling under his breath and suddenly punched the infant in the face before running away.


The baby boy sustained injuries to the right side of his face - suffering a swollen and bruised eye, swelling in his right cheek, an abrasion to the upper side of his lip. He was taken to Levine Children's Hospital for treatment and has since been released.

The sister of the mother called 911 after the assault. Multiple people in the area witnessed the attack, including an Uber driver who shouted "Get that guy!" to everyone in the area.

Another witness, a DoorDash driver, gave chase in his own vehicle after Williams, caught up, and then exited his vehicle and held Williams down with his foot at West 7th Street. CMPD officers arrived at the scene to take him into custody.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Police handcuffed Williams and placed him in their patrol vehicle, at which time, they determined that Williams was incoherent during the arrest.

On Monday, prosecutors set his bond at $500,000, stating Williams is a danger to society and committed a completely random act of violence.

Williams has no prior convictions but has been arrested in the past for assault and trespassing charges.

Williams' defense team on Monday said he suffers from mental health issues. Wiliams refused to make his initial court appearance Monday on camera due to the process "taking too long" for him. His bond was increased another $125,000.


“Can’t have people out there running around and punching a 1-year-old. So, the court is going to be increasing the bond,” the judge said on Monday.

Williams is due in court next on August 10th.

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