The damnedest thing happened last weekend. My wife stepped outside Saturday morning to find these two pups in our backyard.  2 things are strange.  We live in the country. Also, they were in our fenced in backyard.  Had someone ditched them at our place hoping we'd accept them as our own?  Were they wandering the and a good Samaritan placed them safely in what they assumed was their home?

Social media seemed to tell a tale of these vagabonds having a run of the area since the previous night.   My wife decided to give them some food and noticed the little boxer (it's always the little one isn't it?) was a bit aggressive.  He snapped and growled but happily ate up our dog food. The big one (who my daughter nicknamed Tubby) was sweet as could be and could only be transported by van after I backed up to a hill and laid a pallet down to use as a ramp.  Poor Tubby, as soon as we loaded her up we realized we misnamed him.  It should've been "Stinky".

Thanks to a kind hearted friend of a friend we wrangled them up without indecent and took them to the Clinton Humane Society where they will hopefully they will find their rightful owners (or new owners that will show them some love).