A study from Rover.com took a look into the picture taking habits of dog owners, and found what most dog owners already know.

The study revealed a few things, one being that 50% of people have a harder time to leave their canine companion for a week than it is their human companion.

They also found that 65% of dog owners take more pictures of their dog than they do their human, but we all already knew that.

56% of people greet their dog before they greet anyone else in the house, but those of us with dogs know that's because your pupper is happier to see you than the rest of the family.

94% consider their dog an integral part of the family.

Case in point, look at Klinger's dog. She has her own Instagram account. I know he has more pics in his phone of his dog than he does his wife.

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Mother Teresa doesn't have anything on me. #saint #blanket #bedhead #beagle #dogsofinstagram

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