Must've been a full moon on Sunday because the aisles were crawling with adorable creatures!

Theisen's in Davenport hosted their annual Dog-O-Ween parade where people and pups dress up for prizes and have a howling good time!  This was my 3rd time hosting this event and each year the costumes get better and better.

This little dog was my winning pick (although that doesn't actually get you any prizes).  He was a little guy dressed up as Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Complete with the glove!

Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt

Dog-O-Ween Event Details

Folks dressed up furry friends for a howlin’ good time for a great cause.  The $10 entry donation per dog benefited the Humane Society of Scott County.

The dogs showed up and we had a great crowd of spectators too! Including this adorable hedgehog:

Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt

It's the Cutest Halloween Party Ever

This year people got creative with costumes and even paired up with their furry friends and went as a duo. Then they joined the parade of canines and compete to win prizes up to $150!

Most everyone was well behaved too!  Aside from a couple of dogs not getting along with each other (one had to be moved to the back of the parade and then everything went as planned) we all ended up having a good time!

Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt




Prizes (awarded for Dog Only, and Dog/People categories)

  • 1st Place - $150 Gift Card
  • 2nd Place - $100 Gift Card
  • 3rd Place - $75 Gift Card

Here were this year's contestants:

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