Halloween 2021 is quickly approaching and if you're not sure what to dress up as this year, you could always go with the Quad Cities' top costume picks. A new survey has come out showing each state's top costume pick for this year and luckily, you have some pretty good options.

A new study from the team at All Home Connections has created a list showing the most popular costumes for each state and the most popular Halloween costumes overall for 2021. To determine each state's favorite Halloween costume, All Home Connections looked at Google’s top Halloween costume list from 2020 and other trending costumes. They then looked at the current Google Trends data to create a projection of 2021’s most popular costumes in each state.

During their research, All Home Connections found a lot of interesting and fun facts. Here are a few of those:

  • 14 states are searching for witches this year
  • 20 different costumes had a high search across the nation compared to last year’s which only had 12
  • With superhero series and movies still being popular, Black Widow and Wonder Woman are on this year's list
  • 25% of the costumes this year are mythical creatures
  • Many of the over 140 million Americans who celebrate Halloween will spend over $90 on their costume

Before we analyze the two Quad Cities states, Iowa and Illinois, let's take a look at the entire map of the U.S. below to see each state's most popular Halloween costume for 2021.

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When it comes to the Quad Cities area, Iowa and Illinois each have different favorite Halloween costumes for 2021.

In Iowa this year, you'll probably see several Darth Vader's, Jedi's, Han Solo's, and Chewbacca's as Star Wars costumes are the most popular in Iowa.

The Jurassic period will come into the 21st century in Illinois this year as dinosaur costumes are Illinois' top costume in 2021.

Whatever you dress up as this year, come show it off at our Halloween Costume Ball! 

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