First off...I want to thank Derek Fox and the fine folks at Davenport Used Car Superstore for having us out yesterday.  The weather was awesome & the burgers were just as good.

I asked Derek a few questions about grilling (video below) and only one answer:

a) made me cringe and b) was subsequently retracted/clarified

I asked Derek his favorite condiment.  He said ketchup and went on to explain that it was versatile and could go on anything (including steaks if you don't want to insult your host).

After the interview, he said he really was more of a mustard guy and that Boetje's Mustard, in particular, was amazing.

So...does ketchup get a bad rap? Did Derek NEED to defend his enjoyment of the crimson condiment?  Or are the mustard lovers of the world hardcore enough that we have to bow down to their beliefs or face a verbal beatdown?

I like ketchup on my burgers, fish sticks, tater tots, and wouldn't enjoy fries as much without it.

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