There's a new survey about people's top vacation fantasies, and I love the results because it shows how "fantasy" means such different things to different people.

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For some, it's sex... for some, it's romance... for some, it's wealth... and for some, it's just to get their damn kids to stop screaming at each other for three days. Here are our top 10 vacation fantasies:

  1. Going skinny dipping with your partner.
  2. Staying at a resort with celebrities.
  3. Horseback riding at sunset.
  4. Joining the mile-high club.
  5. Not getting into any arguments with family members.
  6. A vacation romance with a stranger.
  7. A romantic candlelit dinner.
  8. Having sex on the beach.
  9. Being rescued by a lifeguard.
  10. Getting upgraded.

List comes from the Daily Mail.