There's a new entry in the recent fights that have been breaking out randomly throughout Disney properties in Orlando, and this one may take the cake.

According to an arrest report, two sisters from New Jersey (of course), got into a fight after a night of drinking in Disney Springs.

The two vacationers, aged 29 and 31, were in town with their families, and the two decided to have a nice dinner at a steakhouse in the shopping area.

Things were going well until the two went to get drinks at an Irish restaurant after dinner, and had too much to drink.

According to the report, the problems began when the two tried to leave Disney property, but their phones were dead. Disney Security was kind enough to call them an Uber, but the driver refused to take them in their drunken state because he was worried the duo was "too drunk."

The women began arguing with the driver, and then things unraveled when the older sister said that the younger sister is a bad mother and gave her a slap. The younger sister threatened to punch her back.

Around 12:40am, Orange County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to the fight in Disney Springs.

When officers arrived, the younger sister was screaming and crying near Cirque du Soleil, wearing only underwear and sandals, and no bra.

“Deputies assisted her with putting on a blue jean jacket since she was not wearing any clothing,” the sheriff’s report said, according to WDW.

After speaking with a Disney Security manager who witnessed it all, deputies were able to get the full story of the October 26th brawl. The sheriff's office didn't release the report until this week.

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“Both females were screaming at each other. The security manager said one female was sitting on a bench while the second female was standing over her. After attempting to calm the situation, the security manager said one female slapped the other in the face. At that point, both females began punching, slapping, and pulling each other’s hair,” the sheriff’s report reads, according to WDW.

Disney reportedly doesn't have video surveillance of the drunken and naked brawl.

Apparently, the one sister ended up naked after the two were fighting and one of the sisters threw up. As the two fought, they slipped in the vomit and fell into a bush.

Sometime after the fall, the sister took off her dress, which was covered in vomit.

“They were very intoxicated,” the sheriff’s report noted. “And endangered the safety of other guests and Cast Members at Disney Springs by physically fighting in a public area."

It was in November that the state attorney's office decided not to pursue criminal charges.

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