'He sh*t in someone's Reebok.' 

Say no more...actually, let's talk more about this.

A Madison, Wisconsin man was arrested for pooping in and on his neighbors laundry for months.

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Ronnie Ballard,19 of Madison, Wisconsin is facing misdemeanor charges for going number two on his neighbors comforter, shoes, boots and baby clothes. The dude pooped IN a washing machine that his neighbor was using...oh, and the shoes and boots were sitting outside the neighbors door!

Another neighbor in this complex, confronted Ronnie about his pooping ways in the laundry area and then followed him home. This stinky situation ended with the police getting to "the bottom" of things.

When arrested, Ronnie was ON BAIL for "lewd and lascivious behavior." So apparently he's a serial pooper?

At the court appearance for Mr. "Poopy" Ballard in Dane County, the judge ordered him, get this:

"to only defecate in toilets."

Take that with the gavel slammed down, with authority!

The thing that gets me, he got away with this for A MONTH. One "solid" month of pooping in washing machines. How did this last a month without being caught? How does this man "train his system" to go, you know what...the neighbor just filled the washing machine, I'm gonna go poop now.

Anyway, I'm glad they busted this creep, he was being held on a $1400 bail. Can you imagine the chatter in the jail cell, "so what are you in for?" "Pooping in a washing machine." SG

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