Some cat's are total jerks and couldn't possibly care any less about their owners - until the food bowl is empty - but then there's the ones who are dependent on their pet-parents for love and affection on top of the normal duties. Those are the ones who are excited and greet you when you get home.

TikTok user NickyRoseTattoo posted a video last week that's blown up on the platform, bringing 15.4 million views in just 6 days.

Talking about her cat, the Miami tattoo artist posted the caption on her video, "I have been at the hospital the last 5 days and he’s really been missing me."

In the video caught from her home security camera, the cat walks down the steps towards the front door, and meows, but it clearly sounds like he's trying to communicate in English, asking "Mom, where are you?"

Commenters on TikTok are in total agreeance that the cat is definitely speaking English and is worried because he hasn't seen his mom in almost a week.

Some also shared experiences with their cats seemingly speaking English.

"I've heard cats talk like this before," EJ Ruiz wrote.

Another commenter named Reese left the message "Sometimes I look at my cat and tell her I know she knows how to communicate with me and I understand that she has to keep it a secret."


It's not the first time a cat's been caught on video seemingly speaking English. Check out this one from a few years ago of this cat asking his owner, "Are you coming?"

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