Business Insider shared the news yesterday that a direct flight out of the Quad Cities has been dropped by Delta Airlines.

The airline, based in Atlanta, announced that they're going to be making changes to flight schedules in the form of the dropping of five regional routes.

Jet Fuel Shortages And High Prices Hurt Airlines Profitability
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  • Flights between Detroit and Allentown, Pennsylvania, will end on September 11
  • Flights between Detroit and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will end on October 5
  • Flights between Detroit and Dayton, Ohio, will end on October 5
  • Flights between Detroit and Fort Wayne, Indiana, will end on October 5
  • Flights between Minneapolis-St. Paul and Moline, Illinois, will end on October 5

This is bad news for anyone traveling regularly between the Quad Cities and Minneapolis-St.Paul, who relied on a direct flight to save time. You're looking at either connecting a flight through Chicago, or a nearly five-hour drive to the Twin Cities.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Moline was often a connecting flight for those flying home from other areas. Those flights will likely reroute through Chicago.

We reached out to Quad Cities International Airport for a statement.

"While we’re disappointed in Delta’s decision, we have already begun outreach to other carriers to advocate for our region and explore what opportunities may be available. The ongoing pilot shortage continues to impact many regional airports and these decisions are unfortunately more and more common as a result," Ashleigh Davis, Public Relations and Marketing Manager for the airport said. "We are being diligent in our communication to the airlines and we are also committed to doing our part to create a pipeline of talent for the aviation industry by introducing kids in the QC area to the breadth of careers available through tours, career expos and events like Girls in Aviation Day."

Quad Cities International Airport
Quad Cities International Airport

Delta cites low demand for the flights, which have a high operating cost, for the cutting of the flight lines. Combining with the known pilot shortage, it made for a perfect storm for these regional flights going away.

Delta was the only airline at Quad Cities International Airport who offered a direct flight to Minneapolis-St. Paul. All others connect through Chicago airports.

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