It's time to debate. This is a yes or no question: Is it okay to wear socks on the beach?

If you answered YES, you probably have ugly feet.

If you answered NO, you're probably Australian.

Detail photo of feet on the beach with white cloudy socks and blue jeans.
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A viral TikTok has sparked an interesting debate about wearing socks at the beach. This video posted by @arte.blythe shows her boyfriend on a beach wearing socks. She captions the video "My American boyfriend committed an Australian crime today."

This American guy was roasted by his Australian girlfriend and now hundreds of people in the comments. Looking at the man in the video, he seems to be appropriately dressed for the beach, his hat and swim trunks are perfectly acceptable, but then you look down and he has ankle socks on.

Out of all the things people could fight about... They choose this.

woman feet with christmas sock in hammock on the beach
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Members of the Dwyer & Michaels Morning Show decided to insert their opinions on the question, "Is it OK to wear socks on the beach?"

  • Michaels NO!
  • Dwyer: No?
  • Hairball: No.
  • Goose: Hell No!
  • Megan: Yes.

We can see who the wacko is here...


Comments under the video were quite humorous. Some people show their support for the answer yes while others a strong no.

hahayyxbssysbsysb: Gotta throw the whole boyfriend away now.

Daniel Marchant: What country in America is he from?

Tiquest Terry: Ion give a damn what you Aussie think, I’ll always wear my socks on the beach.

Henno: *sighs in Australian*

Abby: But who wears socks on a beach who?

Halyna James: No biggie. I have worn socks on the beach great if the sand is too hot to walk on, good on ya boyfriend.

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