A funeral in Peru had a bit of an interruption when some knocking was heard from inside the coffin.

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca's family got together in Lambayeque, Peru, to pay their final respects to the young woman on April 26th.

A serious crash left her nephews seriously injured, and family believed her and her brother-in-law dead.

Rosa was pronounced dead after the crash, and was later prepared for a funeral, and loaded into a coffin.

It was when her relatives picked up the body box that they heard the weird noises coming from inside.

After putting the coffin down and opening the lid, they found that Rosa was not dead, but very much alive and staring at them.

Some understandably shaken relatives took Rosa, still in her coffin, to the Referential Hospital Ferrenafe in Lambayeque.

Rosa was found to have weak signs of life, and was hooked up to life-support. Eventually, her condition deteriorated, and tragically died just a few hours later.

Her family, who now has had to say goodbye to a relative, wants answers.

Officials in Peru are reportedly investigating what happened at the Lambayeque Regional Hospital where she was treated for the first time, which led to her death.

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