Just down the road from The Rock & Roll Mansion is a place they lovingly call The HorseShack.  The home base of Daytrotter., a place where touring musicians get sidetracked and captured on analog equipment.

For most of their existance it's been a paid membership site where you can pay a fee and download/stream all the performances.

But now...it's a free site!

"Over the years there have been changes to content accessibility on our site, and another one is happening today. We are FREE. Free as a bird. Go ahead, type in daytrotter.com, choose a session, click play, and pay not a penny (after reading this announcement, of course). It’s no secret that the world’s music consumption habits are constantly changing, so we’re changing with it. You can now stream audio and video on Daytrotter.com of any session we’ve ever recorded for no charge at all."

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