Davenport Police and Mayor Matson held a press conference regarding the weekend shooting that damaged the Figge Art Museum and the Skybridge. One shooter was apprehended, but DPD say there are more involved.

Mayor Maston began the press conference by talking about how not a week ago he was standing in the same spot announcing the Community Crime Task Force.

"This level of crime is completely unacceptable," he said.

Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorski reported that at around 1:30am Sunday morning, officers responded to shots fired that they themselves heard. They treated the situation as an active shooter situation. as when they arrived, shots were still being fired.

Chief Sikorski said nearly 80 bullet casings were recovered, before showing surveillance camera footage from inside the Skybridge.

A large group of people were on top of the parking ramp at Brady Street and River Drive, and he pointed out some individuals who were involved with firing the guns.

The footage showed the group dispersing quickly as shots rang out.

Chief Sikorski then turned attention to a photo showing evidence markers spread across the top of the parking ramp.

"Most of these are from shell casings," he said. "Eighty shell casings isn't just one person shooting."

Chief Sikorski finished his part of the conference by stating firmly, "If you know anybody in this video, hear someone talking about this, or see any posts about this incident, call us immediately."

If you know any information or recognize any vehicles or 563-326-7979.

Reverend Dr. Melvin Grimes, Chair of Community Relations with the NAACP, isn't happy about the uptick in gun violence among youth.

"This can no longer happen," he said. "I don't want to have to do any more funerals. I'm tired of writing condolences to parents who lost children to this violence. The finger pointing has got to stop."

Dr. Melvin went on to speak for the NAACP, saying, "You have one or two choices. You can either let it continue on, and if it continues on, until one of our young people is shot by the police department trying to protect themselves. Please do not come running or hollering to the NAACP hollering 'what's wrong, this is not right' because you refuse to have respect and dignity for somebody else."

"You're a coward if you're going to stand behind a gun."

Pastor Echols with the Greater Praise Temple Church on 6th Street in Davenport, and a member of the Community Task Force, delivered strong words to the community and parents.

"Unity is not what we're preaching to you, but it's what we need to become," he said.

He urged the community to step up and join the task force, as did Chief Sikorski.

"We're not standing up here to tell you we have it. We're up here to tell you we need our community's help to tackle this."

Watch the full press conference here:

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